Can Autopilot let you fly missions beyond the range of the controller?




  • H45R19

    I am on the latest version of Autopilot that supports Spark.

    I have flown many waypoint missions successfully.

    I cannot get LCMC to work, I immediately get an error when Engaging.


    Anyone get LCMC to work with Spark (or Mavic)?

  • Dave Woods

    for LCMC to function the aircraft must have waypoints enabled in its firmware, at the moment the spark does not have this feature.

    DJI have said however that it is working on a firmware update that includes this function. lets hope its soon

  • H45R19

    Any update since September—has DJI enabled waypoints on Spark?

  • Dave Woods

    Apparently according to DJI the latest SDK  does supplrt waypoints as an undocumented feature one developer has tried to access this feature but without success they have raised the issue as an SDK tecnical ticket so we will have to wait and see what happens but it looks promising

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