Do you plan to support Android?




  • John E. Brooks

    Any new updates on this yet?

  • Robert Reid

    I'm also super keen to find out if an Android version is any closer to being realised. I've been following your development for some time and I'm excited about the prospect of a possible Android version!

  • Andy Wills

    I can't believe this is not available for Android. Most UAV operators I work with use Android (myself included), why are are you excluding yourselves from a very lucrative market?

  • Robert McKenzie

    I sure hope the Android version is coming soon.  This really does look awesome!!

  • Darren Monro

    Same. I would pay double for this app to be emulated on Android.

  • Zarik Rodriguez

    Plz make an android version soon

  • mike mann

    Yes android would be nice :)

  • Wilbur Wallaby

    I think that it is shameful that you don't have an android version.

  • David Peterson

    I would like to have the app but there is no way in the world, I go to Apple to get it. 

  • Tom Jones

    How is Android not supported yet?  Android out sells apple by a large margin.  Numbers may vary depending on where you look, but in every place you look except maybe Apple.  Android is much more popular. 

  • Albert Gràcia Quintana

    Android versión is needed.


  • Yuris Mangolds

    Been playing with autopilot on an iPad mini 2 (which I only have because it was free), and while the standard features like flight modes are pretty nice and comparable with your competitors, the advanced stuff like airspaces would make it absolutely supreme compared to any other drone control software. Only problem is that I've never been able to use it since I can't find anyone with an iOS device I could borrow to utilize airspaces (there's been times that airspaces would of been invaluable to the mission so I've asked a lot of people).

    So while porting autopilot to Android may involve a lot of work (though I guarantee the Android sales will far surpass the development cost), at a bare minimum you need to make an android version of the airspace app. Especially since there are TONS of android devices that have a barometer (Samsung started putting barometers in the Galaxy series starting with the S3) so many people most likely have old phones they can use solely for airspaces (I actually have 3 old android phones that have barometers).

  • Marco

    When will an android version be available?

  • Griffin Griffiniv

    Only use Android for everything drone.  An Android version is needed.

  • Nathan Hoover

    Any progress on this? Looks interesting but I have no interest in iOS products for flying. I have an iPad and man does it suck compared to Android.

  • Doug G

    I like to toss in request as well. I bought an ipad because of this software. May start using litchi, but rather use Autopilot. Android and VR mode please. Willing to pay for seperate platforms.

  • Alexis Dragoni Cebollero

    I'd like to second that motion.

  • Jayway Ignacio

    i need to download the DJI GO APP to my laptop. need help


  • trevor king

    any news on android version cos can't use goggles on mavic with a iPad but can with a android  nvidia k1 tablet

    am using Litchi because it works with goggles on android nvidia k1


    there are lots of times i cannot be bothered to lug one of my inspire pro's about and want to go out on my bike with a mavic in my pocket


  • trevor king

    and another request

    when are you going to introduce a mission planner for advance planning on my Mac like i do with Litchi instead of only being able to do it on a tablet and making loads of errors i.e. tap got that wrong delete, oh tap got that wrong again delete again, ( i need pointed finger tips with these minuscule icons)    

    ..........getting fed up now load LITCHI mission hub


  • Mack Schricker

    I'm also interested in autopilot for Android

  • Burke Even

     I would be interested in Autopilot for CrystalSky. Any chance of DJI and Hanger  working together and making that happen?


  • Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

    +1 for Android Support

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