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Airspace 1.0 is Available


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  • Jim

    Tried it a couple of times on the weekend for "Follow" missions and it worked like a charm!  I do have 2 requests though:

    1.  I would like to see an automatic calibration option though.  It was a bit awkward to have to fly back down to the ground when I was ready to engage    in order to have the iPhone and the drone at the same height to calibrate.  The drone was just on the ground a few moments ago - could I not just take my iPhone to the Take-Off point and hit the calibrate button to perform the calibration?

    2.  Also - I'd like the option to use Airspace objects in advance - while creating flight plans - even if they don't exist yet at the time that the flight plan is being created.  Does that make sense or do I need to explain it better?  Basically - when creating a flight plan, I'd have to use a dummy object of some kind which I could assign to an actual airspace object once it was registered and calibrated.  It would save time and battery to be able to do this in advance of the flight.


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