What happens if the Remote Control loses connection while Autopilot is engaged?




  • Jim

    I'd like to register my vote for an option in which I can enable LCMC for specific flights. Currently, the absence of that feature is the only reason I may need to spend money on an additional product. In a forum post, you mentioned that due to an SDK limitation, the gimbal cannot be controlled during LCMC. Has DJI stated that that behaviour is my design or have they committed to providing that capability in a future firmware update?

  • Robbie Hull

    The SDK cannot provide gimbal pitch because it has no concept of reference altitudes. They have not indicated any pending improvements around this feature. To be clear, gimbal pitch is only one of many things that will be sacrificed.

  • Jonathan Pisarczyk

    It would be nice to have a feature when signal loss occurs the drone will pause or hover.  Then when signal is re-established the drone will continue on the waypoint mode.  Or continue where it left off.  Instead of re-plotting a new waypoint course.

  • H45R19

    To use LCMC, do you need to go into DJI Go4 App and change a setting?

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