DJI Firmware Issue Preventing Return-to-Home in All Versions of Autopilot




  • Tim Lamkin

    You need to put a date on this when they are posted.

  • Jim

    Agreed.  It's irresponsible to post information like this containing verbiage like "the latest version" or "the latest software" in any case - buy even more so then the post itself doesn't have a date attached to it.


    For something as critical as this, you should definitely spell out the version numbers that are affected - for both the DJI firmware AND the Autopilot app it refers to.  If it affects ALL versions of the Autopilot app, include the latest/current version (at time of writing).

    I just purchased your software yesterday and I came across this "critical warning" inside "Flight School" - again with no dates or version numbers.  It left me wondering how long ago the "Flight school" warning was published and whether it was still an issue or not.


  • Robbie Hull

    Apologies for any confusion that was caused. It looks like Zendesk updated the website layout to hide the posting date. We do include a "last updated" date at the top of Flight School, exactly for this purpose. By the latest version of the firmware, that is exactly what we mean, the latest version. Autopilot does not support older versions of firmware at the time because we don't have the QA resources to allow this. We always test the next version of firmware before it is released and will update this article if and when the issue is ever fixed. Until then, saying the latest version of the firmware is always true.

  • Jim

    Well thats better I guess. But without the "last updated" date/time, we had no way of knowing if your references to the "current version" were indeed still referring to the current version or perhaps - through an oversight by your website administrator - you had forgotten to update the warning. Now that you've got a date on "flight school" for last updated - it's possible for us to figure out, but still not obvious - and still possible that the reference to the "current version" was accidentally not updated. Is it that difficult to have you reference the specific DJI Firmware version number that you are referring to so that we don't have to assume anything or go looking too far to find the date you last updated your webpage and the date that DJI last updated their firmware...and then compare the dates? All you have to do is put the DJI Firmware version number in brackets after saying "the current version".

    I would be grateful and find it a lot more informative if you did so - and it would remove all possibility of mix-ups due to errors or website update problems that might occur on your end in the future. Thanks.

  • Robbie Hull

    We test all versions of the firmware before they are released. If we find that this issue is fixed this article will be updated immediately. We will also send a mass email to our subscriber list as this is currently the most important known issue. I also added a last updated date to this article as well.

  • Sergey Moiseev

    So it's June already. Anything new?

  • Robbie Hull

    As we have already stated, when we receive any updates it will be immediately posted.

  • Sergey Moiseev

    So currently we all in 'DJI time' bubble and should be careful. Thanks for stating.

  • Robbie Hull

    Alternatively you can download the public beta and enable LCMC.

  • Sergey Moiseev

    Ain't LCMC limit me in almost all possible features that autopilot offers?

  • Robbie Hull

    The full list of limited features is here. If you are not using Autopilot at all because of this issue, it seems that limited features are better than nothing at all.

  • Sergey Moiseev

    I am only considering my possibilities and risks right after purchase. Thanks anyway.

  • Garry Jeffries

    I just purchased your Autopilot Software and have a DJI Phantom 3 Standard.  The Last Post on the RTH feature is dated June. Its now October 22, 2016  is there a projected date for the fix for the 3 Standard.  The RTH failsafe is a key piece of the software to prevent fly aways or lost aircraft. If there isn't any plans to resolve the issue I would like a refund.  Using the LCMC without the return to home is reckless.  Please reply.   

  • Luc Levesque

    Same here


    now february 20 2017, and no news for phantom 3s.  And no idea after reading all the detail in the app store app info that this feature was not fully fonctional.


    so hopefully, you will reply on a possible date of resolution or a refund method.


    thank you and yes, the fonctionality of rth rank fisrt above all esle for me.  Since I have fond that way within visual range, signal loss could happen.


    Safety fast. 

  • Jon

    First up - I'm a BIG fan of Autopilot. 

    Unfortunately I've had my P3 Pro fall out of the sky when the battery ran out, resulting in a heavy crash landing ($$). 

    While I should have been aware I was operating beyond the normal timeframes - and I noted just prior to the failure that my battery percentage displayed in Autopilot hadn't changed since I took off (?!) - I thought I'd at least be protected by the RTH failsafe when the battery went critical.

    No return to home was initiated, the drone just fell out of the sky.

    On looking at the main website, it seems to say the the P3 Std has an issue preventing RTH but the other P3 models (Adv, Pro) are ok - but a word of warning - my P3 Pro has had the same issue.

    This has cost me financially, but it also has me wary of using Autopilot, which sucks because I like it a lot.


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