how can i set back to home on autopilot app ?



  • Jan Everts

    Waypoint Mode allows a "Mission Completion" option of "Return-to-Home" (RTH) if you select "Intermediate" or "Advanced" levels. I like to use "Advanced" level in order to show all available mode options. I've flown 92 Waypoint missions and never used the RTH option when my missions are complete! It's just so much fun disengaging autopilot then using the map and camera displays to return to my landing pad manually. Happy flying!


    When you launch an Autopilot mission, turn on "Record Screen" and select "Record Screen & Microphone". Very helpful to have this recording to help you understand your mission performance.

    Before using the RTH feature in Autopilot you should:

    - Read pages 13 - 17 in the current "Mavic Pro User Manual" V1.8
    - In the DJI GO 4 app, set RTH altitude higher than obstacles in the area. I use 70 meters to clear trees.

    In Autopilot "Settings" :

    - Device Location: On

    - Dynamic Home Location: On
    - Disengage on RTH / Auto-Land: On

  • Jan Everts

    Here is another useful Community discussion about RTH performance in Autopilot.

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