Any one flying Autopilot with iPad Mini 4?



  • Chris Kurisu

    Too bad this question has no replies. All my devices are Android-based. I am also interested in getting a mini so I could use waypoints.

  • radf 9760

    We were using an ipad Mini 4(not cellular). We started having severe app crashes with Autopilot this summer. It would fly 1 or 2 minutes of a waypoint mission and then the app would crash, I'd have to fly it back manually.

    We bugged Hangar about this a lot. They basically told us that an ipad Mini 4 is a "legacy device" and we couldn't expect good performance out of it.

    I had to work on my bosses really hard but they finally bought me an Ipad Pro 10.5" (cellular but we didn't get a data plan, just leveraging the better GPS) and that worked for awhile.

    I had to update to ios 11 because of firmware updates to the Matrice 600 - have to have current versions on everything. I did some test flights and autopilot seemed to function fine. Today I did a more serious test flight with 18 waypoints and had THE EXACT SAME ISSUE - the Autopilot app is back to it's old tricks, it crashes a minute or two into a waypoint mission.

    Now, it could be because the flight plan I was using for testing was created in ios 10, I've read that's an issue for autopilot. I'm going to do some more testing tomorrow. I really hope that's the only problem because I'm sure as heck not buying another ipad.

    I desperately wish there was an Autopilot alternative because we rely on it for work and Autopilot is not reliable.

  • radf 9760

    Basically, I would buy an ipad 10.5" cellular since I got that to work for several months. I would NOT buy the Mini 4 since it's already considered a legacy device. 

    Basically, Apple and DJI tend to screw everyone every time they update.

    Don't worry about the 10.5" size. If you squish the foam pad at the top of the RC, you can slide the ipad in for a snug fit. No mods or extra accessories required. I'm using Phantom 3 and Matrice 600 RCs.

  • Mike Fischer

    I'm a Spark user and the iPad mini 4 cellular (GPS and barometer only) is the largest that will fit in the controller. Overall it has worked well despite being a legacy device. It has taken me a while to learn Autopilot and I am slowly but surely getting there. I have done Orbits, Zip Lines and Waypoints. Recently I have seen the app crash, in all about 2 times. Hopefully it will continue to work since Apple is not releasing any new iPad minis and the regular iPad is too darn big.

    I know it is wishful thinking but it would be great if Autopilot would support Android. There are so many tablet options available with Android.

  • Mike Fischer

    I was able to successfully run some Follow and Waypoint missions on my iPad mini 4 but after the last app crash, the app won't even load. The longest Follow mission I was able to successfully complete was about 12 minutes. I have been able to get about 8 - 10 minutes out of Follow and Waypoint missions before crashes. Until now, the app has always reloaded but this time it won't load at all.

    I want to uninstall/reinstall but don't want to lose my flight plans. Does anyone know where the flight plans are stored so I can save and restore after a reinstall?

  • Greg Lucas

    Mike, flight plans are saved in the cloud so you don't have to worry about losing them when switching devices.

  • Tom Croley

    I use the Ipad Mini 4 with my spark and autopilot.  No major problems yet except the things that the spark is not capable of doing and that is the sparks fault.  The Mini 4 is considered a "legacy" device now...when I read that I about choked since I just got it last December.




  • Sheri Leaverton

    This post is incredibly helpful. I too am an Android user. I have a powerful tablet and three phones. I am greatly concerned about the performance issues reported by mini users since that would be my first choice.

    Can anyone recommend the cheapest apple device for my Spark that would allow me to get as much use as possible from Autopilot? I would swap the sim card from my Android into the iPhone for planning and flying.

    Thank you.

  • Tom Croley

    I fly mostly using the Ipad Mini 4.... its a visual thing.... I have to have a bigger display.  I just live with its short comings which mostly do not apply to me anyway.

    When I'm in a hurry I use my Iphone SE that I purchased for this purpose.  I got it for $125 at Walmart.  I couldn't believe the price.  I did not have to buy any kind of plan either, nor did I have to turn in my Iphone 5.

    The SE seems to work great with the program.... much better than the mini... I just can't see it as well and have a hard time hitting the little icons.



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