Mavic Air?



  • Gary Bennett

    I believe this will work just fine. I am using Bata Version 4.5 (Build 183) and I switch between my Mavic and my Spark all the time. You should be able to move from your P3 to the Mavic with no problems.

  • Ben

    When I try to connect the Air AP says I'm connected as a Phantom4... @Gary Bennett are you saying that it's ok to fly the Mavic Air on AP as the Phantom4 - and it has no issues?



  • Gary Bennett

     When I hook up the Mavic it says connected to Mavis and same for the Spark. Sorry, that a really only saw the word Mavic in your post and I didn’t realize you have the Air. My Mavic hooks up to Auto Pilot via USB and the Spark hooks up through WiFi. I am not sure how the new Air hooks up to your device, but if they both use WiFi this may be the issue. I am also using the latest bata version of AutoPilot and this may have somthing to do with it. You might try getting rid of the old Phantom WiFi connection on your device and see if it will only hook up to the new Air. 

  • Gary Bennett

    You might also try uninstalling AutoPilot and reinstalling. You shouldn’t lose any of you saved plans. They will show back up when you log into your account.

  • Rigelaficionado

    Any updates with Autopilot on Mavic Air? does it work now?

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