Saved flight plans don't show up in the list.



  • Bernardo Soto

    I have this exact problem since November 2017 when I downloaded the app. I sent a comment through the app and no answer yet... in the app it shows how many flight plans I have saved, but when I click, it says I must pick up a mode and open the plan, select the controls, and open the flight plan toolbar... still can’t do

  • Kenneth O Ewald, Sr.

    I submitted a support ticket.  They think a flight plan is corrupted on the server and they are supposedly going to fix it.  It has been several days and no fix yet.


  • jmugnai

    I'm having the same problem. Emailed Hangar and still waiting on a response.

    Have you received a response or found a solution? Software is currently unusable for me since I have no access to any Flight paths.

  • Kenneth O Ewald, Sr.

    They responded to my support ticket, but no resolution yet.  It’s now been 10 days.  Very poor support.


  • jmugnai

    Same here.

    My emails to support were being ignored. After messaging and posting on their FaceBook group I finally received a response. I was asked to provide my login info (which I did). Was told that I have a corrupted flight plan that support would need to delete.

    That was almost two weeks ago. No resolution yet. I asked support last week for a status update. No response.

    Very disappointing. I purchased this software specifically for the flight plan capabilities. Until this is fixed, it is useless to me.

  • Bernardo Soto

    Hello all...


    since you said your flight plan was corrupted; I thought maybe the account is corrupted too... so I decided to log off my account and signup with a new one, I made a quick flight plan and it showed up on all my devices within the new account, the total count of flights on the device did not reset to zero but this may be a solution, at least to give it a try; try doing the same and comment.

    for this not to mess up I suggest having your account logged only on one device at a time and log off when you’re done, I don’t know if this relates to the problem but since you can modify your plans on each device and it doesn’t synchronize even, I prefer to take it easy.



  • Kenneth O Ewald, Sr.

    Tech support finally got around to correcting the problem for me.  Had to push to get their attention.


  • Misha Mazor

    Same problem here, saved flight plans not showing up!

  • Rolf Rosenquist

    Now 4 months after the last post it suddenly also happened to me. Bernado described outlogging from the app. But how is that done? I cannot find it anywhere in the app. Bernado or someone who can tell me?

  • Kenneth O Ewald, Sr.

    More - Account


  • Rolf Rosenquist

    Thanks Kenneth, found it now.

    It did not help to logout and then login again. I set up a new account to save new missions as Bernardo told. It seems that Hangar messed up our old accounts. I would like to know how to delete the old one before I run out of email acconts. Anyone  knows how to?

  • Bernardo Soto

    It would be a very useful option to be able to export all flight plans to an XML file so if you decide to share or need to signup for a new account (if the actuall account turns corrupted), you have a healthy backup and can then import; for example all flights made within a flight plan on my original account needed to be re-done, and of course none of them are identical as in my original account. Please Hangar / Autoflight logic, we your customers shouldn be beggin for your attention

  • Rolf Rosenquist

    XML file would be fine Bernardo.

    I have tried a not so good solution to save just the flight plans. I tested to save the most important new ones as emails from a new account. If I in the future, due to Hangar´s failing server, I have to sign up a third new account, I can get those back that are saved as emails.

    But the best solution would be that Hangar solve their customers problem. We have payed for it already. Autopilot is a great program, but at this moment I cannot recommend it to other drone pilots.

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