Mavic Air does not shoot photos as programmed.



  • Max Swain

    Dear Fanco,

    I am Happy to help you with this issue. Is there any way you could send a flight plan that you used with this issue.

    I can take a look and see if there are any issue's with the plans.

    Thank you for your time,


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  • Fanco

    Dear Dezio, thank you for your help. I answered the email, but it maybe gat stock in the spam. Anyway. I do not know how to export the flight plans from the app. There is only load and save button. The only way would be to send you my login/password which would be a security problem to post it publicly. Can you think of any other way? Do you have Mavic Air? In fact I made a dozen flight plans but in any of them I succeeded to shoot in AEB mode or to start the Timelapse in RAW. When I connect the mavic air I see the camera is set to single image, but when I try to change the settings, there are no options in the menu

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