Mavic Pro 2 Timeline



  • Jamie

    Hey Michael we have been testing the Mavic 2 and should have an update to be able to support it very soon. Our team runs hundreds of tests to assure compatibility and quality of our product. Thanks, Hangar

  • Michael

    Hey Jamie,

    this is really good news - your product goes way beyond DJI standard and gets the very best out of the DJI Drones. You guys are really making a good job and I am looking forward to the new release. Thanks for the quick update now.

  • Gerard Metz

    I would be very glad too because the Mavic 2 Pro will be a welcome mapping tool with the right app to support. Keep up the good work.

  • Ou Steven

    @Jamie, when autopilot will support Mavic 2 Pro, later this month? and BTW, it seems DJI will release waypoint 2.0 later too, what do you think and will it threat autopilot ?


  • Gerard Metz

    Any news on support for Mavic 2 Pro

  • Thomas Balmer

     It's been a month since the first Mavic Pro 2 support request.
    It's slow time that this is supported in Autopilot.


  • Ou Steven


    No need to wait anymore, Litchi had support Mavic 2 pro/zoom 4 weeks ago. 

  • Thomas Balmer

    @ Ou Steven

    Unfortunately Litchi doesn't have the function I need!
    Since my flight plans are all created in autopilot, this needs to be done as soon as possible.
    Hangar should finally move forward and not only publish videos in which they advertise how grassy your app's should be.

    I've been working with autopilot for years now, but since Hangar took over the support has been getting worse and worse. That's a shame.

  • Ou Steven

    @Thomas Balmer

    That's too bad. May i know what kind of function you must use Autopilot? I am new to pilot software and not yet to buy anyone of them yet. But consider Litchi had support and Autopilot isn't yet. i am considering to buy Litchi.


  • Thomas Balmer

    I need precise camera work during the waypoint missions.
    Litchi is not bad for simple missions. But if I want to perform complex operations, I need the flexibility that autopilot gives me. I usually fly the Inspire 1V2. I only have the Mavic Pro for a short time.
    And I want to do the missions that I've flown with the Inspire so far, also with the Mavic Pro 2, to see how devoted you are.

  • Gerard Metz


    I could use autopilot for the same reason. I normally use it with an Inspire or M600 but Some complex functions i would rather have a trainingssession with a Mavic 2 pro before going on a commercial mission with a bigger aircraft. Having the ability to test with the latest technology like the Mavic 2 Pro will be a big plus in my flight preparations.

  • Denny Triana

    Still waiting for Mavic 2 support, at least in beta version

  • Gerard Metz

    Still waiting to but afraid it will not happen any time soon. Jamie can you spill at least some information if there is still Some timeframe for the Mavic 2 serie?


  • David Bowman

    Can someone from Hangar please chime in on this at let those of us who've paid for your app know just what is going on? Is it no longer being developed? I've emailed your support THREE times now and heard nothing back. Absolutely nothing!!

  • Julien Lecetre

    Hello Hangar Team

    We all love Autopilot !!!

    We are desperate not to have any news from you guys concerning Mavic 2 compatibility.

    Will you support Mavic 2 or have you completely stoped updating Autopilot?

    I am sure we would all be happy to pay to buy the update for Mavic 2 !!!


    PLEASE Tell us so that we can start using other apps if we really have to......

    Hopefully not ! 


  • Thomas Balmer

    Hello Hangar
    What's going on with you guys?
    Will autopilot not be further developed?

    That would be a real loss for the drone pilots!

    Please give us information how to proceed with autopilot.

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