Is there anyone around here to offer support ? (Autopilot Follow Me + Moving subject)



  • Max Swain

    Dear Ovidiu Sopa,

    Follow Mode in Autopilot is a Great tool to use, there are a few limitations that can arise durring flight based on certain factors such as Wind, Barometric sensor bias and also the Speed that the operator is traveling.

    There are ways to get around these hurdles, For one finding the best Speed and Offset for altitude and distance from the "Leader" based on terrain to achive a smooth rise or descent. 

    I have also created wapoint missions that consists of the shots that I would like to achive to use as a moving operator with a focus Mode of either Device or Subject.

    Beyond this you have the ability to create full autonomous missions that you can fly while being a Moving Operator(Operator becomes the Waypoint Reference). All focus modes are avaliabe to use . A great example of this is having a pre planned mission that is fying around a boat while moving.

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  • Ovidiu Sopa

    Hello Dezio,

    I have updated the ticket #12412 2 days ago, please can you check that also .

    Today I went again offroad trying the WAYPOINT MISSION, but it did not work, the drone remained in the takeoff location, and on my phone screen I got an "error" that there are no waypoints, or I need to add some waypoints to continue.

    So please can you tell me where is the error in the settings ? How can I make the drone follow me in Waypoint mode, without adding any waypoint ?

    Also can you find out what settings ware used in this video, and can you tell me the location or the altitude diference between the start position and the end possition

    Is there any way to disable ALTITUDE PRIORITY ? Will the Autopilot adjust altitude if ALTITUDE PRIORITY is disabled . I hope it can be disabled, but I don't know how


    Thank you



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  • Ovidiu Sopa

    After another test it seems it flies more constantly, unfortunately it's too far away from the subject.

    Altitude 30m
    Distance 30m
    Altitude priority 20m

    I still want to improve YAW movements which are very choppy, I hope if I will disable the option USE YAW IF AVAILABLE, the Autopilot will turn the entire drone to frame the subject, and not the limited gimbal of Mavic Air, which has only a few degrees of travel on the YAW axis.


    Also what do you think happens at 5:04 in the above video?

    It touched a branch?
    The bottom sensors "seen an obstacle" and aggressively stopped the autopilot ? 

    I will save the log to see if I can see anything in there.


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  • Steve Bright

    I have gotten no response for over a Month!  In the past they replied the same day.

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  • Ovidiu Sopa

    I also didn't expected to have such an hard time to get in touch with the developers, with anyone that can offer support and suggestions, also to listen on our feedback and wishes, for feature realeases.

    Autopilot was the most expensive app I ever purchased for my phone, $30 it's not that much, but there wasn't any other app at this price, I also have Litchi and Map Pilot, and Map Pilot is one software I used on my Inspire 1 quite a lot, I done many mapping missions around my city, since 2016 since I purchased and started mapping, I flown over 1000km with it, the last place I needed to map was 2200 hectares.

    Helping users that already purchased the app will only help the company grow, but on the other side, ignoring our tickets, or responding on forum  only after days or weeks, will make actual users post negative reviews, and than things start to go in the opposite direction.

    Is that hard to offer support ?

    Regarding my question in previous post, on what do you think happen at 5:04 in the video, now I'm sure the drone didn;t touched any branch, but instead it made an aggressive stop because obstacle was detected, I uploaded the log to airdata yesterday and I got the confirmation.

    There still are things to discuss regarding flying on lower altitute, and having a smooth flight, without stopping the forward flight to increase altitude, but it's so sad to see no developer is responding, we're just ignored.

    Also sent a message to Hangar directly, no reply after a few days ...

    PS. Steve, did you post your issue on this forum also, or just a private ticket ? If you didn't, I recommend to do it now as you could get help quicker, than waiting for an developer to reply. 

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  • Craig Roberts

    Hi Ovidiu,

    Great 2nd video! I don't think the follow distance was too far, showed the landscape you were riding in beautifully. Would you mind sharing your settings screens for the 2nd video?

    I have the same use case as you (both trail bike and 4WD) so am watching this thread intently (it's the primary reason I bough this app!). 

    I think in the 2nd video, having your Altitude Priority at 20m, which is less than your following Altitude of 30m, might be a key factor in the smoothness of the altitude changes without the drone stopping each change (see excerpt from flight school below). Still not sure how you'd adjust your settings to avoid the situation at 5:04 in your video though (hopefully support will help).

    What device are you using with the controller from the bike? I presume it must have a barometer embedded to feed the altitude to the aircraft so it can calculate it's offset.

    I am also presuming you made the settings as described at 10:00 in this video?

    Did you get any response from support eventually?

    Altitude Priority

    The maximum allowable difference between the current aircraft altitude and the target altitude. If the difference is exceeded either positively or negatively, Autopilot will ascend or descend to close the gap before performing any other operations such as lateral movement, and a visual warning will also be displayed on the Flight Dashboard. If the Aircraft is in motion when Altitude Priority is activated, you may see the aircraft stop abruptly. Autopilot must assume that danger is imminent and, therefore, it prefers powered braking over smooth flight.

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  • Ovidiu Sopa

    Hello Craig,

    I'm very disappointed regarding the support side of Autopilot App, and I think the only thing we can do to give them a wakeup call, is to leave NEGATIVE FEEDBACK in App store, stating the app is ok but support sucks big time!  (needs small improvements to be PERFECT, so far is only the best app for iOS devices on FOLLOW ME missions - but not perfect, just yet)

    Here is the settings screenshot as I have it now, if you want to know other values let me know.


    The next thing that I would love, is to somehow disable the ALTITUDE PRIORITY feature and have the Autopilot control the altitude continuously, in a way similar to this this representation : 

    Regarding my iPhone, no , it's not a new one to have a barometer, but an iPhone 5s , the altitude is only achieved trough GPS, but that looks quite good to me, I always record my enduro rides and in Google Earth I can see the altitude profile, the altitude changes as the terrain changes, and I didn't noticed "spikes" or significant errors, I know is not as good as barometer devices but if autopilot would follow this "inaccurate" altitude, while flying forward, everything would be fine.

    In yellow is the altitude of the drone, saved from the log file, unfortunately while Autopilot controls the drone, the program I use to record my GPS track doesn't have access to the GPS, so exactly in that section of the track I don't have the subjects real coordinates (iPhone altitude) to compare pink with yellow lines, but as you can see the altitude of the drone didn't change except the moment when it lost signal (it di change but just about 1m up or down) . Next weekend I will try to find again a clear long uphill to see how it performs, but I believe the Autopilot doesn't change the altitude continuously even if ALTITUDE TOLERANCE was set to 1m... I believe the best settings would be to set to minimum the ALTITUDE TOLERANCE (1m) and set the maximum ALTITUDE PRIORITY (25m), but I need to find a new long smooth hillclimb, I have in mind a few stepped ones, but I want to be on a constant uphill, to avoid any possible inaccuracy because of the GPS altitude. Craig, if you can do more tests, please share your results.


    Anyway, the issue I described in first posts is only visible when setting the drone to fly close to the subject, like 8m altitude and 15 m distance, if the autopilot would be usable  with those settings I would use it more often, as I found out in my last tests, THE ONLY WAY TO HAVE A SMOOTH FLY is to set it quite far away from the subject (30m altitude, 40 m distance)

    Craig , unfortunately we are alone, and very few interested in this, and the only way to find the best settings is to test and share back, this is what I tried to do also on mavicpilots forum


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