Can I see / export any logs of my flights ?



  • Max Swain



    You can access Autpilot logs by plugging your device used in to itunes. 

    From here you can Download / Export the logs.

  • Ovidiu Sopa

    Thank you for the solution.

    What about Is that working with Autopilot app, should I write anything in the server field ?


    PS. On your to do list, is there any mention on making an option to export the logs "wirelessly" (email, save to google drive, save to icloud, etc) ?

  • nishimoto hiroshi

    Server field is not required for setting.
    I was able to upload automatically in March, but it got an error in August.
    I requested support yesterday
    Now, TSV file is extracted and manual import is done.

  • Ovidiu Sopa

    Dronelogbook seems to be very minimal, and even so I'm sure I wrote the correct password, it did not worked. I manually uploaded the log but could not find any usefull information, but opening it with Excel , I could see more detailed information. So I don;t recommand Dronelogbook to anyone, instead use , I could see many more informations about my flightsafter uploading the logs.

    Airdata interface :

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