coordinates of the point at which the drone takes off



  • Max Swain

    Dear Dmitriy,

    Yes, you can use Gps points when creating missions. for just the First way point, there is a method called "Input" that allows you to use gps for ethier the first waypoint or if you have a mission already created this is used for the Waypoint Reference.

    Also, you can plan mission's in any program that you can create .KMZ files. Export this into Autopilot. NOTE: every click you make in a line (.Kmz) translates to a waypoint in Autopilot.


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  • Dmitriy Kolokolov

      Thank you, Dezio , but i wasn't asking about first way point, but a point from which drone takes off . I need to input  longitude , latitude and elipsoidal height of the drone on the ground before take off , so that whole mission could be corrected based on that information . For example we want to make two exactly indentical videos on two different days , but even if we are using one mission file , the result wouldn't be the same due to slight positioning erros of the drone . To solve that we want to record certain reference point with geodesy GPS-receiver and input that data into the drone , so that it could better position itself . Thank you 

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