Hangar 360 Error Loading for every asset



  • Double Dog Drone

    I recently tried to access all my 360 Spherical Panorama url's and get the same response as you have noted. None of the links work and I cannot upload new panorama's. No reply to technical support question either. :(

  • Stefan Neff

    Same to me "Error Loading 360"...  but only on my ipad4Mini where I stayed so far on iOS10 - on my ipad AIR 2 with iOS 12 the images are loading (!!) ... but on both when I go in the App to "Support" I get the message

    "Unable to connect                    RETRY"


    So maybe an issue with the iOS version and the installed APP version. Not sure (I cannot check this) if on the iOS 10 device it is the same version as on my iOS 12 device of the HANGAR 360 app.

  • Steve Bright

    OK Stefan so maybe I should just update my App version.  But this does not help with the web URL that I have linked on my websites.  I get the same error.  Please confirm.


  • Stefan Neff

    well, were do I start .... it's complex and strange behaviour:

    1) The web-links: Also all of my previous generated and safed Web-Links (since last year) dont work anymore :-(
    I also get in the Browser window the message "Error Loading 360". BUT, e.g. the misssion from yesterday (my latest mission, the ones before is some weeks old) is working fine with the web-link. So I went onto my "working" ipad Air 2 with iOS12 and sent me again the link per Mail of an older Mission (a Mission from summer vacation from July ... this link looks different (much shorter) and is working: https://viewer.hangar.com/360?productId=Nr7w2gPr
    So looks to me that I need to resend per Mail ALL links from the last year, there was somehow changes HANGAR did

    2) But why is on my "flying" iPad mini 4 with iOS 10 the APP itself also saying "Error Loading 360" ? For all my missions, even the one from yesterday (which is working fine on my iPad Air 2 with iOS 12) ???
    I only can speculate, maybe the Hangar APP on my iOS 10 device is not updated anymore and on an older App level which cannot display the older missions anymore.
    The reason I suspect this, is because the Hangar APP on my iOS 12 Devices does show me my logon name an a version (v3.0.1.130) when you select "..." on the upper left
    When I select the "..." on the upper left in my iOS 10 device I do NOT see my log on name nor the version. Although I dont get an update hit from the Apple Appstore for that APP it looks like it is stuck on a level for iOS10 which causes that error messages. Thats bad, because I want to keep my flying ipad mini 4 on iOS 10.

  • Steve Bright

    Seems there's nothing I can do to get new URL links for my existing panos.

    Except update to iOS 12???  That's my only choice???

    Please help SUPPORT PEOPLE!

  • Stefan Neff

    I have no other idea and I do not understand why here in the HANGAR Forum no one from HANGAR is commenting our issues. Also I was not aware of that it seems under Apple iOS there is some kind of version control. I always thought when you update an APP via AppStor you get the latest version, regardless the iOS Level, as long this APP is supported with the running iOS Level. But on this example it seems like that the HANGAR 360 App installed or updated on iOS 12 is an higher level than the one still running under iOS 10 device (and not showing an update in the AppStor). Another try you might can do .. de-install/delete the HANGAR 360 APP, reinstall it and see if then you may get the latest version on your device.

    Any reason why not going to iOS 12 ? Same with me that I want to be safe and stay on iOS 10 on my flying  RC ipad 4 mini ?

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