Autopilot is dead... Unless Hangar starts supporting it again infuture...


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  • Winfried Halberstadt

    I emaild them 6 weeks ago, without any reaction...


    Hello Hangar team,

    I’m concerned about the development of Autopilot. There is no communication about supporting the Mavic 2 Pro, there weren’t any beta releases in the last couple of months, and nobody seems to care about broken links on the Autopilot Website too („Support“, for example).

    So are there any plans to support current and future DJI drones? What are your plans regarding Autopilot?
    It would be helpful to have some kind of roadmap or at least some communication about your future plans with this App, because some if us builded some business around it (long term drone lapses for example).

    The question is, Is it necessary for us professional pilots to look for alternatives like Litchi, which we really really wouldn’t like to do?

    Kind regards,



    On the Autopilot User Group Facebook, Jim McAndrew (Autoflight Founder) wrote: "Hangar is going through a difficult time...".

    Obviously "difficult time" is meaning "going out of business".

    Autopilot is (was) simply the best autonomous flight app on the market, so It's a shame, Hangar prefers to let it die instead of make some money of its asset at least by selling it to a competitor or a spin-off company.

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