• Toby Landry

    Everyone I take this week looks like everything is fine till I go to view my photo in the app. Then I get a message in the middle of the screen:  Error Loading 360. It worked fine a week ago. I made sure the DJI GO 4 App is closed, open Hangar 360, takes pictures, fly back home where I have internet, load them up and wait for blank photo to pop up. Minutes later my last flight looks ready to view,  but when it tries to open, I get a white screen with Error Loading 360. Does anyone, or sorry from Hangar 360 support know what is wrong? 

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  • symondep7

    Same thing here mate. Tried logging in/out ,tried reinstalling even tried on another device ... same issue 

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    I made some Hangar360 shooting in 2019 February... work fine.

    But i made recently in July some others... and i ve the error message with "Error loading 360" as Toby.

    But... i past shooting are  still working... so strange situation.

    I raised a ticket by Hangar support.... waiting for help

    to follow....


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